About Magician Henk Romeijn

Henk Romeijn started his career when he was still a little boy with a magic kit. He gave his very first performance when he was just 12 years old and a magician asked him to assist. This contact with magic has been an inspiration to learn more tricks and eventually resulted in an international career.

He amazes people with his humorous wit and the spectacular magic tricks during his performances. Henk Romeijn’s works is many-faceted: he works as a parlour magician, trade fair magician and children’s magician, he gives workshops for businesses or at home, and he runs Magicmomentsspecialeffects.

In the Netherlands, Henk Romeijn has had the honour to perform for the Royal Family on several occasions. But he also performs his tricks on a variety of international sales events, such as fairs in Thailand, Hong Kong, Nuremberg, or Kazakhstan. These events are always a great success, and therefore Henk Romeijn is a much sough-after magician. Cartier Vietnam has booked Henk Romeijn for the grand opening of a new store, and he frequently visits the Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong.

Magic is Henk Romeijn’s second nature, and this becomes noticeable in any of his performances. Young or old, and on any location, Henk Romeijn guarantees a wonderful and memorable experience. A party is simply incomplete without him.

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